Set in 2009, this film follows the events of a cannabis bust that goes very wrong. When Senior Constables Len Snee, Grant Diver and Bruce Miller arrive to serve a search warrant on Jan Molenaar for the growing of cannabis he snaps, shooting and killing Snee, badly injuring Diver and Miller. Molenaar's house commands a view of the city below putting it under lockdown as the subsequent 3 day siege unfolds pushing the police and army to the brink in an effort to evacuate the residents and capture the gunman without any more deaths. Based on a true story. 

Directed by Mike Smith

Shot on Red MX Cameras using Cooke S4 lenses

Starring Joel Tolbeck, Mark Mitchinson, Miriama Smith, Nathailie Boltt

Producer Riccardo Pellizzeri

Executive Producer Philly De Lacy

Produced by Banijay Entertainment