Harry, a dark, gritty, and award-winning six-part crime serial starring Sam Neil (Peaky Blinders The Tudors) as Detective Senior Sergeant Jim “Stocks” Stockton and series co-writer Oscar Kightley (Samoan WeddingBro’Town) as the titular Detective Harry Anglesea. Part police procedural, part psychological drama, Harry combines the gritty realism of The Wire with the noir of Wallander — all centered on a flawed, brooding, alcohol- and prescription drug-reliant detective haunted by his past and under pressure to deliver results. A man whose compassion for others stops short when it comes to himself and his daughter.

Episodes 1-6 Chris Dudman & Peter Burger

Shot on Arri Mini Cameras with Cooke S4i lenses 

Starring Sam Neil, Oscar Knightly, Beulah Koale, Ria Vandervis, Erroll Shand

Producer Chris Dudman

Executive Producer Stephen O'Meagher

Produced By Desert Road Productions