When We Go To War

This 6 Part 1 hour Drama focuses on the impact  World War 1 has on a family. When We Go To War cuts between life at home, Gallipoli and Egypt. The series begins in a time of optimism and hope, on the eve of war and the chance for all to 'do their bit' but as the series moves forward the horrors both on the battle field and the consequences of those horrors on the family back home begin to take shape.

Episodes 1-6 Directed by Peter Burger

Shot on Sony F65 using Mechanical Shutter with Arri Master Primes

Starring Ido Drent,Nathalie Boltt,Esther Stephens, Jarred Blakison,

Producers Janine Dickins, Robin Scholes

Executive Producers Gavin Strawhan, Rachel Lang

Produced By Jump Film & TV